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Here are some plumbing pictures to take a look at.  Below left: 2-1/2" cast iron pipe I removed from a house built
in the 1940's and replaced with new PVC, definitely needed!!!  Below center left: Tied in a new soil line into
existing 4" cast iron using a rubber boot designed just for this application.  Below center right: This PVC section
replaced the picture on the right. I removed over 100 pounds of old, rotting cast iron piping with new lightweight
and durable PVC.  You will definitely notice a difference when replacing such old plumbing.  I usually always
recommend replacing old plumbing when I have access to it unless there is a reason it should not be disturbed.
Below: Finished basement for homeowner: 2' x 2' recessed drop ceiling with recessed lighting, office area, bamboo
flooring, utility closet area, and storage closet area under stairs.  Pictures show furnished rooms.
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In the pictures below I remodelled the inside of an existing sunroom and updated with new
insulation, new drywall, new crown molding, new ceiling fan, natural slate floor, new
energy star rated Pella slider windows and new door.  All these windows let in the sunlight
without losing energy from inside the home.

Below: We took an existing 20' x 20' deck and resurfaced it with TimberTech XLM decking in Rustic Bark with
hidden fasteners and RDI white vinyl railing. We also added a lower deck connecting the main deck to the existing
pool.  Includes locking gates to secure the pool area and you can walk right down the deck and jump into the
pool. Before, the homeowner had to walk around the pool and use the platform in the background.  The took the
old railings where the new deck is and put them on the opposite site, removing the old p
Below: We built a small deck over a very beat up old concrete entry way to this home.  The materials are pressure
treated lumber with Decorators black ballasters. Very nice cosmetic upgrade for this rancher.
Below: We took an existing master bathroom and enlarged it by adding a huge walk in custom tiled shower stall
where the walk in closet was.  The closet was next to the bathroom and there was another large walk in closet in the
bedroom, so the homeowner decided to get rid of the smaller closet and turn it into a beautiful shower stall. The
original door was a 30" door that swung into the bathroom, to give them more room we used a b
iswing door and had
it swing out into the bedroom.  Since the doors are now two 15" doors, they did not take away from any room in the
bedroom and added so much more usable space in the bathroom.  In the shower stall, two separate shower faucets
were installed, one conventional and one that had a shower head, hand held sprayer and body sprayers, very nice.
As you can see in the pictures, we built a custom tile seat. What a great transformation from a builder designed
master bathroom into a larger, more useful and beautiful master bathroom.
Below: We removed the old pressure treated deck and built a new deck with proper framing and extra support to
hold a hot tub.  Instead of traditional 2 x 4 railing, homeowner wanted something to put plants and other outside
items on so we used 2 x 10 top and bottom rails connected with black Decorators ballasters. This is deck is a very
nice outside area to hang out and watch the horses in the field.
Below: We gutted this kitchen and moved some appliances around to make this cozy kitchen more user friendly.  
Added a tile floor, tile back splash and granite counter tops.  Pictures show old appliances and old window above the
sink, the appliances were updated to stainless and the windows were replaced with Simonton Reflections 5500
Series white vinyl windows.  Also, recessed lighting and more outlets were added to brighten up the room and have
more access to power on the counter for a toaster, blender, etc...
Below: We resurfaced the old pressure treated deck with new TimberTech Evolutions decking in Pacific Teak and
used TimberTech Radiance Rail in Antique White. Hidden fasteners were used and we used 20' long deck boards to
make this a seamless deck with no nails or screws visible. Very nice and clean deck.
Below: We removed the old pressure treated decking and added in a double 2 x 12 support beam in the middle of
the deck for added support and installed new Trex Transcends decking in Fire Pit with RDI white vinyl railing.
Hidden fasteners were used as well as 20' long deck boards for a seamless deck. Beautiful outdoor space.
Below: We gave this bath tub a face lift with new tile. Homeowner was looking to update and was looking at new 3
piece fiberglass walls and after working with them got them a nice tile bath area for about the same price.